Coins of al-Andalus Tonegawa collection
GOVERNORS          الولاة
Copper coinage or fals

Codera 9 pl.II. 3.89gr. 18mm.jpg (29894 bytes)
Codera 9 pl.II.
3.89gr 18mm
Walker Th 12 Left to right: 1.92gr. 13mm. 1.80gr. 12mm. 1.53gr. 12mm. 1.63gr. 13mm. 2.25gr. 14mm. (104977 bytes)
Walker Th 12
Left to right:
1.92gr 13mm
1.80gr 12mm
1.53gr 12mm
1.63gr 13mm
2.25gr 14mm
nafaqa fi sabil Allah. Walker P.120-Froch. XI-a. 3.52gr. 16mm.jpg (24014 bytes)
nafaqa fi sabil

Walker P.120
Frochoso XI-a.
3.52gr 16mm
See Perez, Frances, Rodriguez (2013), OMNI 7, pgs. 135-141 for a very interesting opinion about this coin, with which we are in fundamental agreement.
Andalus Vives44. 13.04gr.27mm ..jpg (58164 bytes)
Vives 44.
13.04gr 27mm
108 Andalus Vives 42.Left to right. 7.10gr. 23mm. 5.15gr. 19mm.  7.95gr. 22mm.  4.86gr. 18mm.jpg (241809 bytes)
Andalus 108H
Vives 42.
Left to right:
7.10gr 23mm
5.15gr 19mm
7.95gr 22mm
4.86gr 18mm
110 Andalus. Vives. 43.  4.20gr 18mm.  5.50gr. 20mm..jpg (99038 bytes)
Andalus 110H
Vives. 43:
4.20gr 18mm
5.50gr 20mm
Andalus. Vives. 41-Miles33. Left to right. 2.26gr. 17mm. 4.34gr. 17mm. 2.08gr.14mm..jpg (81638 bytes)
Vives. 41 Miles 33.
Left to right.
2.26gr 17mm
4.34gr 17mm
2.08gr 14mm
Miles 26. 2.42gr. 16mm.jpg (27702 bytes)
Miles 26.

2.42gr 16mm
Miles 27. 8.60gr. 20mm. - 11.60gr. 23mm.jpg (100894 bytes)
Miles 27.
8.60gr 20mm
11.60gr 23mm
Fals legend overstruck over a roman follis of Maximiano. Froch. II-f. Same coin. 2.58gr. 19mm..jpg (37851 bytes)
Fals legend overstruck over a roman follis of Maximiano.
Frochoso II-f.
This coin.
2.58gr 19mm

Fals legend overstruck over a roman follis.
Frochoso II-f.
1.31gr 14mm
Walker 742-Froch X-a. same coin. 3.84gr. 18mm.jpg (29009 bytes)
Walker 742

Frochoso X-a.
This coin.
3.84gr 18mm
Andalus. 2.80gr.14mm. ref. LFD (1985) nš5. Froch. XVIII a. same coin.jpg (18232 bytes)

ref. LFD (1985) nš5. 
Frochoso XVIII a.
This coin
2.80gr 14mm
Walker. P.116. 1.28gr. 13mm.- 1.38gr.10mm..jpg (40530 bytes)
Walker. P.116.
1.28gr 13mm
1.38gr 10mm
waladl.JPG (36668 bytes)
3.62gr 19mm
Froch I-c. 5.80gr. 18mm..jpg (31297 bytes)
Frochoso I-c.
5.80gr 18mm
Froch. V-b. 3.38gr. 17mm..jpg (27485 bytes)
Frochoso V-b.

3.38gr 17mm
Improbably attributed to this period
Froch XIII-a . Same coin. 4.42gr. 15mm..jpg (24546 bytes)
Frochoso XIII-a .

This coin.
4.42gr 15mm
Froch. XIII-l. Same coin 1.66gr. 16mm. .jpg (27782 bytes)
Frochoso XIII-i.

This coin
1.66gr 16mm
Froch. XIII-k.Same coin. 1.74gr. 14mm..jpg (18716 bytes)
Frochoso  XIII-k.

This coin.
1.74gr 14mm


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