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Almohad Taifas

Banu Hud
Sabta (Ceuta)
Ishbiliyya (Sevilla)
Labla (Niebla)


Banu Hud                                                        بنو هود

Muhammad al-Mutawakkil               محمّد بن يوسف بن هود المتوكل
/ 1228-1238
mut2.jpg (26697 bytes)
Qurtuba (Cordoba)
1.54gr 17mm
Vives 2134
TAM2.jpg (41339 bytes)
1/2 Dirham
no mint

0.55gr 13mm
0.47gr 13mm
Vives 2135
TAM3.jpg (19570 bytes)
1/2 Dirham
Ishbiliya ( Sevilla)
0.54gr 13mm
Vives 2137
TAM4.jpg (10064 bytes)
1/4 Dirham
no mint

0.32gr 10mm
Ibrahim ( 1996) nº27
TAM5.jpg (36530 bytes)
no mint

1.52gr 17mm
Vives 2140
TAM6.jpg (31678 bytes)
Ishbiliya (Sevilla)
1.42gr 17mm
Vives 2141
TAM7.jpg (35456 bytes)
Qurtuba (Cordoba)
1.54gr 17mm
Vives 2143
TAM8.jpg (25589 bytes)
Malqa (Malaga)
1.22gr 15mm
Vives 2144
TAM9.jpg (39628 bytes)
Mursiya (Murcia)
1.22gr 17mm
Vives 2145

False of this ruler.
Copper silver plated dirham

1.46gr 17mm
as Vives 2140

1/2 Dirham
Copper with traces of silver

0.56gr 14mm
as Vives 2135

Muhammad al-Wathiq
          أبو بكر محمّد بن محمّد بن يوسف الواثق

(seven months) / 1238
661-664 / 1263- 1266
TAM10.jpg (22628 bytes)
1/2 dirham
Shatiba (Jativa)
0.56gr 12mm
R.Lorente (1984) 133
TAM11.jpg (36076 bytes)
Mursiya (Murcia)
1.52gr 18mm
Vives 2152 R.Lorente 129
TAM12.jpg (37862 bytes)
Shatiba (Jativa)
1.50gr 18mm
Vives 2153
TAM13.jpg (38711 bytes)
no mint

1.46gr 17mm
as Vives 2153
but no mint name.
TAM14.jpg (35995 bytes)
no mint

1.56gr 17mm
Vives 2154
R.Lorente 131

Muhammad Baha' al-Dawla
محمّد بن محمّد بن هود بهاء الدولة
639-659 / 1241- 1260

½ dinar
649 - Mursiya (Murcia)
1.18gr 15mm

651 - Mursiya (Murcia)
2.32gr 22mm

Anonymous coins attributable to the Banu Hud
TAM15.jpg (17872 bytes)
1/8 Dinar
no mint

0.53gr 13 mm
found with silver
coins of the Banu
Hud & is
stylistically very
similar to the
scarce gold of this
The following two coins have been attributed to al-Mutawakkil‘s brief, three month, occupation of Sabta in 630 (see Hazard, pg. 272). It is nevertheless just as possible that they could have been struck by a-Yanashti, the independent ruler of Sabta from 630 till 635. Note that the following four coins all recognise the ’Abbasid khalif which is emblematic in this period as being anti Almohade. The last two with the mint of Mursiya are different from the first two in the third line of the IA, this may be indicative that they were not struck by the same authority.
TAM16.jpg (30936 bytes)
no mint

1.54gr 14x14mm
Hazard 1118
R.Lorente 138
This coin.
TAM17.jpg (26155 bytes)
Sabta (Ceuta)
1.52gr 14x14mm
Hazard 1117
R.Lorente 137
TAM18.jpg (30889 bytes)
mint seems to be
an abbreviation of
Mursiya (Murcia)
1.48gr 15x15mm
TAM19.jpg (17158 bytes)
Mursiya (Murcia)
1.01gr 12X12mm

Sabta (Ceuta)

Abu al-´Abbas Ahmad al Yanashti                 أبو العباس أحمد اليانشتي
/ 1232-1237

Thaghr Sabta
(Frountier of Ceuta)
4.52gr 29mm  
No coins in the name of this ruler had been previously registered.

see Arabic reading
After the rebellion of Ceuta against Ibn Hud of Murcia, one of its notables, Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Yanashti, is proclaimed as ruler. On this coin we read that he takes the title of al-Muwafaq and recognizes the nominal suzerainty of the ’Abbasid Al-Mustansir. This recognition of the Abbasids would signal in the politics of the time an anti-Almohad orientation. The use of the word thaghr/frontier before the mint name seems to be related to the insecurity that must have been felt in the face of the growing naval power of the Christian states. Actually Ceuta did suffer a stiff siege in 633/1235 by the Genovese fleet in retaliation for mistreatment of some of its merchants established in it. The siege would only be lifted after a hefty payment.
In 635/1237 there is another tumultuous political change and Yanashti looses power and is imprisoned. Ceuta then reverts, temporarily, to Almohade allegiance.
TAM20.jpg (31327 bytes)
Sabta al-Mahrusa
(Ceuta the protected)
1.60gr 16mm  
Bréthes 27
Hazard 1121
Even though this coin names only the ’Abbasid al-Mustansir, there can be no doubt that it was struck by Yanashti in his last year in power. The reason being  that his fall from power was due to a pro Almohad rebellion at the end of the said year. Just after that Sabta would start to strike coins in the name of Almohad ’Abd al-Wahid II.

Ibn Khalas 635-647
/ 1237-1249                           أبو علي إبن خلاص
TAM21.jpg (80801 bytes)

Sabta (Ceuta)  
4.68gr  27mm 
Brèthes 1234 
Hazard 553
(1987) 179 this coin
Ibn Khalas, the Almohade appointed governor of Sabta, rebels in 640 and proclaims Hafsid suzerainty recognising Abu Zakariya Yahya as is attested by this coin.

Anonymous coins of Sabta, probably of this period.
TAM22.jpg (9806 bytes)
1/16 of a dinar
Sabta (Ceuta)
0.23gr 9mm
Ibrahim (1966) 29
TAM23.jpg (19489 bytes)
1/2 Dirham
Sabta (Ceuta)
0.53gr 12x12mm
Ibrahim (1966) 30

1/4 dirham
Sabta (Ceuta)
0.42gr 9x9mm

Ishbiliyya (Sevilla)

Ahmmad ibn Muhammad al-Badji                      أحمد بن محمد الباجي
629 - 631
/ 1231- 1233
TAM24.jpg (41062 bytes)
Ishbiliya (Sevilla)    1.40gr  15x 15mm

Ishbiliya (Sevilla)    1.51gr  15x 15mm

Labla (Niebla)

Musa ibn Mahfuz          موسى بن محمد بن نصير بن محفوط المستعين
Amir al-Gharb

TAM25.jpg (98956 bytes)
no mint

1.50gr 15x15mm
1.48gr 15x15mm

Vives 2123
(three die variants)
TAM26.jpg (57771 bytes)
no mint

1.56gr 14x14mm
1.56gr 14x14mm
as Vives 2123 but
with word djal on
top of the word
(two die variants).
TAM27.jpg (62461 bytes)
no mint

1.64gr 14x14mm
1.58gr 14x14mm
as Vives 2123 but
with the beginning
alif top of
(two die variants)
TAM28.jpg (30618 bytes)
no mint

1.58gr 14x14 mm
as Vives 2123 but
alif top of sin of
al-’Abbasi and djal
top of the word
TAM29.jpg (32803 bytes)
no mint

1.58gr 14x15mm
Vives 2123 variant
with three lines in
the IA.
Ibrahim (1996) 28


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