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Summer 2001AD / 1422AH        Vol. 3.1


Coin Supplement to N.M. Lowick's
Monnaies Des Sulaymanides De Suq Ibrahim Et De Tanas,
Revue numismatique, 1983, 6em série, XXV, p. 177-187.
Tawfiq Ibrahim.

In the above referred revue Lowick published a very interesting article on the Sulaymanides of Suq Ibrahim and Tanas. In it he
discussed this particular branch of the Idrisid family and listed their known coins - a total  of seven dirhams. A search in the sources
for more information about this collateral branch of the Sulaymanides gives us the same meager citations as were used by Lowick, so
there is little or nothing one can meaningfully add to his analysis that would justify a new article. On the other hand, of Lowick´s seven
dirhams only three belong to the first three rulers. This total will be significantly supplemented by the four coins listed below.

Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn Sulayman ( dates of reign not known)
Lowick (nº1) gives a single dirham  dated 256 H.

coin 1.jpg (68576 bytes)
1-Date 258 H.  Mint:  Madinat Ibrahim ibn Muhammad.
AR 2.78 g, 26mm. Coll. Tonegawa. 

´Isa ibn Ibrahim ( dates of reign not known)
 Lowick (nº2) gives a single dirham  dated 274 H.

coin 2.jpg (60474 bytes)

2-Date 273 H.  Mint: Madinat ´Isa ibn Ibrahim.
AR 2.80 g, 26mm. Coll. Tonegawa.

clip_image003.gif (62023 bytes)

coin 3.jpg (71431 bytes)

3-Date 277 H.  Mint: Madinat (´Isa ibn Ibrahim)?
AR 2.78 g, 26mm. Coll. Tonegawa.

 clip_image005.jpg (7033 bytes)

Al Qasim ibn ´Isa (dates of reign not known) .
Lowick (nº3) gives a single dirham  dated 281 H. There is, to date, no single mention of this ruler in the sources;  coins being the only
evidence of  this rulers existence.

coin 4.jpg (58249 bytes)
4-Date 283 H.  Mint: Madinat (al-Qasim ibn 'Isa).
AR 2.62g, 26mm. Coll. Tonegawa.

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