Coins of al-Andalus Tonegawa collection


Tawfiq Ibrahim
Author of texts and orgnization of the Andalustonegawa site.

Sebastian Gaspariño
Author of maps and computer work of the Andalustonegawa site.

Open Access Journal dedicated to the study of numismatics and epigraphy of al-Andalus, the Maghrib and Sicily.

Amuletos de al-Andalus
A usefull page about al-Andalus talismans.

Bibliografia de numismatica andalusi
Michael Powell's wed-based bibliography of the numismatics of al-Andalus.

Islamic Coins Group
The reference site for islamic coins and most prestigious. It was also the editor of As-Sikka, which is available online.

ZENO.RU - Oriental Coins Database
The best database about islamic coins. Updated daily.

Coin Archives
"A repository of coins previously featured in major numismatic auctions".

Anatolian Coins
Great Site about coins struck in Anatolia.

Eron Coins
Kamil Eron collection. Another great Site about Turks coins.

The successors of Chingiz Khan and their coins
Essential to know the different coinages of the different Mongol dynasties.

Mongolian coins
Another Site about Mongol coins. Very interesting.

Forvm Ancient Coins
The best forum about Islamic coins.

Нумизматическийфорум "ИСЛАМСЌАЯ НУМИЗМАТИКА"
A big forum on amulets and other artifacts, principally from the Moslem oriental world. Also with sections dedicated to coins of the different dynasties.

OMNI taller numismático
The spanish older forum on Islamic coins.

Imperio Numismático
Another great forum in spanish.

Fòrum de Numismàtica Catalana
Catalan forum of numismatics. Have an interesting section of Islamic coins.

Fórum de Numismática
The best forum of Islamic numismatics in Portuguese.

Asociation of Spanish Numismatics

Asociation of Spanish Numismatics

Al-Andalus websites

Biblioteca Viva de al-Andalus
The Living Library of al-Andalus.


Traditional archery

Asian Traditional Archery Research Network

Turkish Archery

Grozer Traditional Recurve Bows Hungary


Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation

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