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'Abd al-Rahman V (al-Mustazhir)  414/1023-1024
                   عبد الرحمن المستظهر بألله
The turbulent year of 414H. saw no less than three rulers take power in Cordoba. ’Abd al-Rahman a youth of barely 23 years, with an attested talent for poetry, had the shortest permanence of the three. His reign was to last the whole of 47 days and was abruptly ended with his death at the hands of Muhammad III. 
Of ’Abd al-Rahman V, Ibn Bassam ( Al-Dahira vol.I, pg 37, Cairo 1939) would say " a Sultan so poor, that not even a single dirham came to his hand". This last phrase only emphasises the rarity of the present coin.

Please see:
Un dirhem inédito del califa omeya de Córdoba Abd al-Rahman V al-Mustazhir bi-llah
عبد الرحمن المستظهر بألله acuñado en al-Andalus, el año 414 H. Nvmisma, 1984

2.10gr 25mm
The 'Amir on the I.A is Abu 'Amir ibn Shuhaid one of the known ministers of ’Abd al-Rahman V. Numisma 186-191 (1984), pg 205-207, this coin.


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